Repair & Restoration

If your wooden floor is showing signs of damage, we can help. We can replace the damaged boards and sand and refinish the entire floor ensuring a longer life for your wooden floor.
Typical Damage would be:
• Water damage from leaks causing discolouration
• Woodrot caused by sustained exposure to water
• Scratches and indentations
• Cupping and crowning of boards

At Total Woodfloors we have have been repairing and restoring floors for over twenty year. For a free quotation, call us on 087 205 4871.

Caring for your Floor

  • DO Sweep or vacuum regularly to removed dirt or grit that may scratch the floor.

  • DO Close windows when you’re expecting rain. Water can ruin the finish on your wood floor.

  • DO Put trays under potted plants and immediately wipe up any water you see. Water can penetrate deep into the wood and stain it.

  • DON'T Use area rugs with rubber or vinyl backing. Some materials in the backing can react with certain floor finishes, discoloring or causing the finish to become dull.

  • DON'T Expose hardwood to oils and alcohols, i.e nail polish remover & perfume which can dull and stain.

Floor Maintenance

Extend the life of your floor with a buff & recoat

Your floor boards are reduced in thickness every time you sand them, so it isn’t ideal to sand them too often. With a yearly ‘Buff and Recoat’ the existing coat of polyurethane is freshend up by top-coating it, meaning that the time between complete 'sanding and varnishing' is extended, and so extending the life of your floors.

Floor Protection

Limit damage to wood floors

One of the biggest flooring maintenance issues are scratches caused by furniture that is regularly moved back and forth across floor. There are many products available to combat this and we can advise on the type of protector that best suits your needs. Please ask your floor fitter for advice.
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